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The Indian Dental Association, Attingal Branch was formed on January 14th, 2001. Young dentists practicing in and around Attingal decided to form a new branch, an initiative taken by Dr. Ashok Gopan, Dr. Biju A Nair, Dr. Abhilash G S and many others lead to this. The branch was inaugurated by Dr. Thomas Philip, the then President of IDA Kerala State in the presence of Dr. Krishnan Nair, Director, Regional Cancer Centre Trivandrum. The Membership strength went upto 140 by the end of that year.

IDA Attingal, symbolizes & represents, updates & educates, promotes & supports the local dental community of erstwhile Attingal, in delivering, quality dental health care to the general public. Maintenance of proper standards & ethical manner in practice, better interpersonal relations, as well as willingness to share knowledge, among members, has provided a high degree of respectability to the organization. Effective follow up of organizational proceedings at the state & national level by the branch executive, ensures that the members are kept abreast of all IDA activities. Regular representation at IDA events & healthy interaction with other branch members, has made IDA Attingal quite popular & a force to reckon. Adding to this would be a plethora of eminent leaders from the branch, who have raised to higher echelons in IDA. Through various Scientific programmes, presentations, journals & newsletters, the branch creates awareness of the latest advancements in dentistry, among members.

Our Achievements:

- 2001 State Award: Appreciation Award
- 2002 State Award: Promising New Branch Award
- 2002-03 State Award: Award for membership growth
- 2005 State Awards: Award for PPS membership growth
Most member caring branch
- 2004: Hosted 37th Kerala State Dental Conference at Taj Garden Retreat Varkala
- 2013 State Awards: Best Secretary award
Best Journal award
Best WDC award
Best Website reporting award
Best branch (Runner-up) award
Best CDH representative award(Runner – up)
Best CDE representative award(Runner – up)
Appreciation award for conducting ‘No Tobacco Day’
- 2013 National Awards: Dr. I.R.Goela Award for Best Local Branch Secretary
Dr. G.B.Shankwalkar Memorial Award for Best CDH Activity
IDA Runners up Trophy for Best Local branch Journal

About Attingal

The granting of Anchuthengu to the English provoked the wrath of the local population. In 1697 the English factory was subjected to a violent but futile attack. In 1721, the English factors felt the need to appease the Rani of Attingal. They decided to send her some presents. The local agents of the Ettuveetil Pillamar demanded that those presents should be given to them for transmission to the Rani. When this was denied, 140 Englishmen were massacred on the way to present their gifts, and the fort was besieged for nearly six months. The fort was relieved when reinforcements arrived from Talassery.

Many modern historians consider the Attingal Revolution to be the first revolution against the British in India, as it occurred long before the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. According to the writings of Jacob Wisher (a Dutch priest), the 140 Englishmen actually reached the Attingal palace, but the Rani tricked them by saying that she would not be able to see them that night. Also, they unwisely spread themselves among different locations near the palace, so they couldn't help each other. That night they were brutally attacked and all of them (except the local servants) were murdered. There are slight variations to this story in the accounts of some British officials.

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