A merged policy of Public Protection Scheme and Social Security, started in 2007 and running successfully ever after.

Joining and renewal period is April – May of every Year.

Collect the HOPE application from the HOPE convenor, fill the same, two passport photographs, Birth and address proof, Graduation Certificate, CRRI certificate copy, Dental Council Registration copy, Local Branch IDA Membership renewal every year, Demand Draft in favour of HOPE, payable at Alathur, Palakkad- hand over the details to HOPE Convenor.

Joining Fees:
Below 30yrs – 5000
Below 40yrs - 7500
Below 50yrs - 10,000
Cannot join HOPE after 50yrs

Benefits: Life insurance for 12 Lacs, legal protection compensation up to 4 lacs.


A Health Insurance Policy like no other from IDA Kerala State.

Best with the lowest rate and claim ratio when compared to any existing scheme where parents can be insured.

Time to join and renew is September- October every year.

Premium related to the number of family members joining. The tabular column will indicate the premium as per the amount to which one can insure, it may be 3, 5, 7 or 10 lacs. For details contact HOPE convenor in August.


Assurance & protection for your clinic & residence, that’s HOPE ASSURE.

For a minimum amount one can insure the clinic from Burglary, Floods, Natural Calamities, Harthals, Patient destruction etc

WHY WAIT? Join soon

Joining period June –July every year.

Contact HOPE convenor

Members List

Visit URL of HOPE
to access forms and updates.

Contact for Clarifications:

IDA Attingal HOPE Convenor

Dr. Arun S. 
S.V.Dental Clinic,Alamcode P.O., Thiruvananthapuram District - 695102.
Mob: 9895162606
E Mail:

IDA HOPE Secretary

Dr. Anwar Ali
Mob: 9446354333

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